What Do You Need to know about Scaffolding?

Feb. 06, 2021

The scaffold is a temporary construction tool erected at construction sites for workers to operate and solve vertical and horizontal transportation. It is mainly used in the external walls, internal decoration or high floor height can not be directly constructed, mainly for the construction workers to work up and down or peripheral safety net maintenance and high altitude installation components, etc. Its production materials are usually bamboo, wood, steel pipe or synthetic materials. So the next scaffolding supplier will explain what should be noted when building scaffolding.

What do you need to know about scaffolding?

(1) Erection of high-rise scaffolding, the various materials used must meet the quality requirements. Scaffolding erection technology requirements should be in line with the relevant specifications.

(2) High-rise scaffolding foundation must be solid, calculated before erection, to meet the load requirements, and according to the construction specifications erected, good drainage measures. Must pay great attention to various construction measures: scissor bracing, tie points, etc. should be set up as required.

(3) Horizontal closure: should be from the first step, every step or two steps, full of scaffolding board or scaffolding fence, scaffolding board laid along the long direction, the joint should be overlapped resting on the small crossbar, forbidden to appear hollow headboard. And in the wall between the pole and the wall every four steps to lay the unified long safety bottom fence.

Scaffolding System

(4) Vertical closure: from the second step to the fifth step, each step is required to set up 1.00m high protective kind of railing and blocking board or set up a net on the inside of the outer row of poles, protective poles (net) and poles fastened; the fifth step and above, in addition, to set up protective blocking poles, should all setup safety fence or safety net; in the street or residential areas, it should be set up from the second step, all the outer side of the safety fence or safety net.

(5) Erected on the scaffolding of steel pipes, fasteners, scaffolding and connection points, etc. shall not be removed at will. When necessary during construction, must be agreed by the person in charge of the site, and take effective measures, after the process is completed, immediately restore


(6) Before the use of scaffolding, the person in charge of the site should organize inspection and acceptance, acceptance and fill out the delivery sheet before use. During the construction process, there should be professional management, inspection and warranty, and regular observation of settlement, and take reinforcement measures in time when abnormalities are found.

(7) Before the use of scaffolding, the person in charge of the site should organize inspection and acceptance, acceptance and fill out the delivery sheet before use.

(8) Scaffolding dismantling should first check the connection with the building, and the scaffolding on the remaining materials, debris and other clean, from top to bottom, according to the first installed after demolition, after the installation of the first demolition of the order, demolition of materials should be unified downward transfer or lifting to the ground, step by step clear. Not allowed to use the step demolition method, forbidden to throw down or use the push (pull) down method of demolition.



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