What Do You Know about Seamless Steel Pipe?

Mar. 02, 2021

Seamless steel pipe is a round, square, rectangular steel with a hollow cross-section and no seams around it. Seamless steel pipe is made from ingots or solid billets that are perforated to make a hairpin, and then hot rolled, cold rolled or cold dialed. Seamless steel pipe has a hollow cross-section and is used in large quantities as a pipeline for transporting fluids. Compared with solid steel such as round steel, steel pipe is lighter in weight when the bending and torsional strength is the same and is an economic section steel, widely used in the manufacture of structural and mechanical parts such as steel scaffolding for oil drilling.

"Joining hands with Tsinghua University for 5 years to overcome difficulties, the world's first 68,000-ton heavy-duty press was able to complete more than 95% of the production of aerospace die forgings, and the first seamless carbon steel pipe was 12.8 meters long, 630 mm in diameter and 110 mm in wall thickness." The company's Minister of Technical Research and Development told reporters that the 68,000-ton multifunctional press is currently the world's only press with the largest tonnage with two functions of die-forging and extrusion, which can extrude and produce high-alloy, hard-to-deform, large-diameter, thick-walled new tubes for nuclear power and high-parameter ultra-supercritical thermal power units, and also forge large and extra-large titanium alloys, high-temperature alloys, ultra-high-strength metals and other hard-to-deform Forgings.

 Seamless Steel Pipe

Uses and classification of seamless steel pipe


Seamless steel pipe is an economic section steel, has a very important position in the national economy, widely used in petroleum, chemical, boiler, power station, ships, machinery manufacturing, automotive, aviation, aerospace, energy, geology, construction and military industry and other sectors. 


① According to the shape of the section: round section tube, shaped section tube.

②By material: carbon steel pipe, alloy steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, composite pipe.

③According to the connection method: threaded connection tube, welded tube.

④ according to the production method: hot-rolled (extrusion, top, expansion) tube, cold-rolled (drawing) tube

⑤ According to the use: boiler tube, oil well tube, pipeline tube, structural tube, fertilizer tube.

The production process of seamless steel pipe

1.Pipe billet preparation and inspection → pipe billet heating → perforation → pipe rolling → barren pipe reheating → fixing (reducing) diameter → heat treatment → finished pipe straightening → finishing → inspection (non-destructive, physical and chemical, stage inspection) → storage


2.Main production process of cold rolled (drawn) seamless steel pipe

Preparation of billet → pickling and lubrication → cold rolling (drawing) → heat treatment → straightening → finishing → inspection.

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