Scaffolding Erection Standards

Jan. 28, 2021

(1) Building construction fastener type steel pipe external scaffolding erection and construction management, reflecting the enterprise has the characteristic external scaffolding image and standardization construction ability, this standard in accordance with the national and local safety technical specifications, the preparation of "construction project external scaffolding erection within the standard".

(2) This standard makes specific statements on the façade image, construction requirements, erection and dismantling, inspection and acceptance, and management requirements of external scaffolding, and refines the construction methods of some special parts, the refined parts mainly include: balcony, floating window, external lift unloading platform, lift shaft and light well, and the sunny corner of the building, etc.

(3) Where the specific content of this standard does not conform to the requirements of the relevant national and local safety specifications, the relevant national and local safety specifications shall prevail.

Colour of Scafffolding Tube

(1) Yellow paint: scaffold uprights, large and small crossbars, longitudinal and transverse sweeping bars.

(2) Red paint: wall pieces.

(3) Yellow and black two-colour paint: scaffold outer protection rails, ramp protection rails, discharge platform protection rails.

(4) Two-colour red and white paint: scissor braces, horizontal diagonal braces, skirting boards, staircase edge protection rails, construction lift loading platform edge protection rails.

(5) Where the colour of the diagram is inconsistent with the textual description, the colour of the textual description shall prevail.

Façade image

(1) The outer protection of the scaffold must be closed with qualified dense mesh safety net. The company logo ("Company" banner) and promotional slogans should be installed on the external frame. Ensure that the external frame is coordinated and beautiful, reflecting the characteristics of the company.

Pole foundation

(1) The height of floor-standing scaffolding should not exceed 35m, the height of 35-50m must be taken to unload measures, the height of more than 50m must be taken to unload measures and special programmes for expert evidence.

(2) The foundation of the scaffold shall be smooth, compacted and hardened with concrete, the foundation shall be hardened with 100mm thick C25 concrete and the base or mat shall be set at the bottom of the uprights. The matting should be not less than 2 spans in length, not less than 50mm in thickness and not less than 200mm in width.

(3) Floor-standing scaffolding must be set up with longitudinal and transverse sweeping rods, and the longitudinal sweeping rods should be fixed with direct fasteners on the uprights immediately below the longitudinal sweeping rods. When the foundation of the upright is not at the same height, the longitudinal sweeping rod at the high place must be extended two spans to the low place and fixed with the upright, the height difference should not be more than 1m, the distance of the upright axis above the tight side slope is not less than 500mm.

(4) The scaffold base should be considered with drainage measures around the perimeter, the bottom elevation of the scaffold base should be 50mm above the natural outdoor ground level, and the outside of the base of the uprights should be set up with a drainage ditch with a cross section of not less than 200mm x 200mm to ensure that the scaffold base is not waterlogged.

The above information is provided by the scafffolding tube supplier.

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