What to Pay Attention to When Pickling Seamless Steel Pipes?

Dec. 14, 2020

Seamless steel pipes have been widely used in industrial production, largely due to their good performance. It is in order to give full play to the good performance of seamless steel pipes, sometimes we need to galvanize the seamless steel pipes. After all, sometimes after producing a large number of seamless steel pipes, we can all sell them in a short period of time. Effective protection is indispensable.

There are usually two methods for galvanizing seamless steel pipes, one is hot-dip galvanizing and the other is electro-galvanizing. Zinc electroplating is a process that uses electrolysis to form a uniform, dense, and well-bonded metal on the surface. The main content of hot-dip galvanizing includes wet method, dry method, lead-zinc method, oxidation chemical reduction method and so on.

The main difference between different galvanizing methods is that when steel pipes are cleaned with acid, what method can be used to improve the quality of galvanizing. In actual production, hot-dip galvanizing is less used, mainly due to the relatively complicated electro-galvanizing technology. After the production is completed, the method of galvanized seamless steel pipe is introduced. We compare galvanized seamless steel pipe with a seamless steel pipe. Galvanizing not only increases the aesthetics, but also has a certain protective effect, but this is two birds with one stone.

Classification of electroplating solutions 

1.Zinc cyanide

Because cyanide is highly toxic and seriously damages the environment, which promotes the concept of environmental protection, there are many restrictions on the use of cyanide zinc plating, and it is now mainly used in trace cyanide plating solutions.

2.Zincate zinc plating

Zincate zinc plating is made by the evolution of zinc cyanide plating. This traditional process has strong corrosion resistance and is usually more suitable for colour galvanizing. Sulphate zinc plating is more suitable for continuous galvanizing, and the cost is relatively low. In the entire electroplating method, zinc chloride is the most widely used method.

 Seamless Steel Pipes

What to pay attention to when pickling seamless steel?

When manufacturing seamless steel pipes, the pickling process of steel pipes is involved. For employees, what issues should be paid attention to when pickling seamless steel pipes.


First of all, good labour protection products must be worn before pickling. The working and living environment on-site should also be continuously inspected in detail, mainly by checking whether the sling of the steel pipe is intact. Some workers also need to understand the acid concentration and temperature changes and the tonnage of the pickling pipe in the tank before the operation. Work can only be performed after confirming that it is intact. When pickling in the second pickling with hydrochloric acid, the content of hydrochloric acid is generally 18% to 20% is preferable. These can be detected using professional measuring equipment.

The time for pickling steel is 5 to 15 minutes. We need to adjust the time according to the weight. The weight is preferably controlled between 2-5 tons. The steel pipe needs to be pickled frequently during the vibration period. When the pipe is put into the acid tank, it is an inclined steel pipe to prevent accidental injury by hydrochloric acid.

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