How to Control the Quality of Spiral Steel Pipe?

Feb. 18, 2021

Spiral steel pipe is a spiral steel pipe made of strip steel coil as raw material, extruded and pressed at regular temperature, bent and formed in the shape of a spiral, and welded with an automatic double-wire double-sided submerged arc welding process for the inner and outer seams. The raw material is strip steel coil, welding wire and welding flux.

How to control the quality of spiral steel pipe?

The perforation temperature of the billet can be based on different raw materials for two layers of PE anti-corrosion to prevent the steel pipe from having dissimilarity.

According to its role, there are two kinds of heating furnace and reheating furnace. The former is mainly used to heat the steel pipe from normal temperature conditions to the processing environment temperature, and the latter can be used to reheat the steel pipe to the required process temperature during processing.

The key to managing the operation by heating is to heat the billet uniformly mixed to a temperature suitable for processing. Since perforation has a great impact on quality, i.e. perforation temperature is an important condition affecting quality, steel pipe usually needs to be controlled during the perforation process.

Spiral Steel Pipe

Low-pressure pipeline irrigation systems can be divided into mobile, semi-fixed and fixed according to the way they work.

1. Mobile type

Most of the small and medium-sized construction pipes in the pipeline and water distribution technology equipment machines and pumps are not fixed and can be moved freely. Spiral steel pipe is mostly used film plastic hose or vinyl coated hose, simple, low cost, flexible in use, adaptable, and can turn at will when crossing the ditch.

2. Semi-fixed

Generally, the pipe is fixed, the trunk or branch pipe is a fixed buried pipe, connected to the hose water delivery system by a water splitter. This form of branch pipe spacing is larger, the gap between the outlet is also larger, correspondingly reducing the number of fixed buried pipe, spiral pipe factory to reduce the investment per unit area, but the irrigation water due to frequent movement of the hose on the ground in the field, labor intensity, poor working conditions.

3. Fixed

Pipeline companies in order to carry out effective irrigation, the system of all levels of various types of pipelines and water distribution facilities are buried underground, fixed. The water supply plug or outlet discharges water directly into the field, and the furrows are arranged in rows without hose connections. The groove is short, the pipe density is fixed, and the standard is high. This type of technical and economic operation cost control is easy to manage and irrigate evenly, but the one-time investment is correspondingly large. 

Quality cost control: for the existence of misalignment in the spiral steel pipe mouth grouping over the problem, spiral steel pipe should take effective measures to try to choose the use of internal counterparts; do a good job of measuring and repair work; do a good job of grouping welded pipe section classification; misalignment deformation flattening, should be cut.

Spiral steel pipe suppliers, spiral steel pipe safety managers in the use of internal alignment device, must check whether the corresponding equipment and pipeline in good condition before construction, the use should be flexible operation, use should be in accordance with the operating procedures.



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