Four Characteristics of Thick-Walled Rectangular Tube

Sep. 22, 2020

Thick-walled rectangular tubes are generally suitable for machinery and steel structures. For high load-bearing requirements. In addition, the thick-walled rectangular tube also has four characteristics:

(1) Super thick pipe wall

The maximum thickness of the square and rectangular tubes produced is 19mm. The ultra-thickness is not only reflected in the absolute thickness, but also in the relative thickness of the product. The thickness is an important indicator of the difficulty of cold forming, and the square tube is expressed by the side thickness ratio. At present, it is generally accepted at home and abroad that when the side thickness ratio is lower than 10, the product has a high molding difficulty. The square and rectangular tube produced by the process has an edge-to-thickness ratio of up to 7, such as 100mm*100mm*14mm, 120mm*120mm*16mm, etc;

GI Rectangular Pipe

(2) Complete in specifications

The maximum size of the rectangular tube production line is 500mm*500mm*19mm, the second largest in the world. Japan Nippon Steel's 26-inch square tube production line, the world's largest, has a maximum specification of 550mm*550mm*22mm. The largest square rectangular tube in European and American countries is 400*400*12.7mm. In recent years, with the country’s investment in capital construction, more and more major municipal projects and construction projects in various regions have adopted steel structures, and large-size thick-walled rectangular pipes have beautiful appearance, reasonable stress, and relatively simple joint processing. And other advantages, so it is widely used as a steel member in the truss structure system and curtain wall support system of airport terminals, stadiums and exhibition centers. In practical applications, rectangular tubes of various specifications have been widely used;

(3) Fire resistance

The cold-formed large-size thick-walled square rectangular tube made of hot coiled steel has its room temperature mechanical properties fully meets and exceeds the requirements of the national standard, its forming performance is equal to or better than Q345B, and the yield ratio meets the seismic resistance of the national construction industry code Claim. At the same time, its high-temperature performance is significantly better than that of Q345B of the same level. The yield strength of B490RNQ at 600 is still 310MPa, which is much higher than 2/3 of room temperature yield strength. However, the yield strength of Q345B is lower than 2/3 at room temperature when the wall thickness of 500 processes is over 8mm;

(4) Higher intensity

In order to reduce its own weight and improve safety performance such as earthquake and impact resistance, high-strength steel has been widely used at home and abroad, and the material strength limit has reached 630MPa or even higher. At present, the tensile strength of the base material of the thick-walled rectangular tube produced in China can reach 630Mpa, according to the product strength level.

The above information is provided by the galvanized steel pipe manufacturer.

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