Pre Galvanized Conduit


Product description

Pre Galvanized Conduit

Pre Galvanized Conduit

Product details

Pre Galvanized Conduit

Product nameConduit Pipe
Outer Diameter16mm/20mm/25mm/32mm
Length3.75m or as your requirement
SpecificationBS4568, EMT, IMC
Zinc120g,270g,400g,500g,550g20μm ,40μm ,60μm,70μm,80μm
UsageWire and cable protection pipe.
Pipe end treatment1) Plain end 2) Threaded and socketed3) Threaded
End protection1) PVC cap2) Iron protection
Surface treatment1) Bare pipe2) galvanized 3) Pre-galvanized
Product  processERW
Test inspectionMechanical test
Shipment type1) container2) Bulk cargo  
Port of shipmentXingang Port,Tianjin, China
Date of deliveryDepending on the quantity and specification of each order
PaymentL/C, T/T, D/P 

Packing &Shipping

Pre Galvanized Conduit

1) Packing and Shipment:
① Packaged in bundles;
② 10pcs small bundles and 100pcs big bundle with damp-proof package;

③ It can be packed and shipped according to your requirements;

2) Delivery Time:

Usually 18 to 20 days after the

Payment is confirmed.

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